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Ever wondered about Computer Aided Design? We asked our tutor, David Sally, about all things CAD…

What is CAD?

Computer Aided Design.

The software package we use is AutoCAD for 2 Dimensional CAD.

A company called Autodesk produced AutoCAD and had almost a monopoly on CAD in Ireland from the late 80's up to the early noughties....

It was widely used by both Engineering and Architectural designers.

Things have moved on and AutoCAD, while still widely used with the introduction of 3D solid Modelling, you can now completely design a component or building and fully stress test it for any potential structural failures before a piece of metal is cut or a brick is laid.

As our focus is Engineering, we use SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor for 3 Dimensional Solid Modelling (also known as Parametric Modelling)

SolidWorks is on of the industry-leaders in Ireland in regards to 3D Solid Modelling...

However, Autodesk, who are the producers of AutoCAD, have a similar product call Autodesk Inventor which some companies use as they feel it may be a more natural progression from AutoCAD. They also have a relatively new product called Fusion360 (which we also have) and it has the potential to grab some of the 3D market, as it also has CAM capabilities built in and it's relatively low cost making it an option worth considering for the future.

 soldiworks2018 overview

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Overview

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What is Fusion 360

With Fusion 360 you can take your idea from concept to creation all in one environment. Check out how Autodesk Fusion 360 users are turning their vision into reality ...

What is CAM?

Computer Aided Machining or Manufacture...yes we also teach that on this course...

However the software we use is "MasterCAM" which is hands down the best in its class...

You can design a part in MasterCAM and it will produce the G Code (think of it as lines of a computer program) which can be transferred to our CNC machines ready for manufacture. This greatly increases productivity in engineering by speeding up cycle times in component manufacture and reducting dowtime of the CNC machine.


What types of businesses/industries use CAD?

Engineering, Architectural, Model Makers Games developers. to name just a few....

What topics do you cover on this course?

  • CAD
  • City & Guilds 2D level 3
  • City & Guilds 3D Parametric Modelling Levels 1, 2 and 3.
  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control)

CNC Machining Center 3 Axis Vertical

Lupus 420 / 420L / HS 500 / 520L / 650 Highlights: - Powerful BBT 40 spindle with speeds up to 15.000 min-1 - Rigid machine structure with extra deep center of ...

  • Machine setup
  • Part Programming using G Code
  • MasterCAM, Part design and Manufacturing

The awards we offer are Level 5 component award in CNC....

  • 3D Printing

Using any of our 3D Solid Modelling software packages we have a small 3D Printer with the trainees can use to get an introduction into this area.


Stanley Model 1 3D Printer Video Review

Visit our Amazon page: https://www.amazon.com/shop/dudeshopping Stanley Model 1: http://amzn.to/2vgjjvJ Read the full review: http://www.dudeshopping.com/stanley-m ...

What benefits are there for doing this course?

It really depends on the experience of the person coming onto the course...

Some use it as an add-on to already existing skills and qualifications to increase their chances of getting employment...

Due to the ever decreasing cost of 3D printing more and more companies are getting into this market where they can produce a physical example of a product before mass production. Having experience in 3D modelling and printing can be an advantage.

We also get the complete beginner who just wants to test the waters before committing to a full time course in engineering or maybe go on to complete an apprenticeship

Our next intake for CAD is in October. Contact Course Recruitment on 0429355700 for further information.